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Virtual 2021

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DAY ONE: Thursday 25th March

16:00 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: The Future Family Office



Feisal Alibhai, Founder & CEO, Qineticare


Dominik von Eynern, Founding Member, Family Hippocampus

Jerome Stern, Managing Partner, J. Stern & Co.

Loes Fokker, Founder, Legacy Mentors


- How and why is the Family Office evolving?

- A look at the changing financial motivations of Families

- Growing importance of non-financial components of a Family Office

- Family health and physical/mental wellbeing

19:00 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: Investing for Impact - Deploying Capital for Social and Environmental Good



Leah Zveglich, Founder, Managing Partner, The Aster Club


Greg Neichin, Director, Board Member, Ceniarth LLC (SFO)

Georgie Bernadete, Co-Founder & CEO, Align17

Alexander Hoare, Partner, C. Hoare & Co.


- Why do we care about impact investment? Why do we need it or do it?

- How to create an effective impact investment strategy?

- Can you align these investments with your family values?

- How to measure impact?

21:00 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: Digital Assets - Reshaping Finance and the Economy



Matthias Imbach, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Sygnum


Michael J. Saylor, Chairman & CEO, MicroStrategy, Inc.

Patrick Tan, CEO & General Counsel, Novum Alpha

Peter Habermacher, CEO, Co-Founder, Aaro Capital

Raoul Pal, Co-Founder, Real Vision


- Bitcoin - What institutional adoption means for investors?

- The problem with Fiat money and how Central Banks could evolve

- How does Ethereum differ to Bitcoin? What is DeFi?

- Why should Family Offices take Crypto seriously? Best practice approach

21:40 HK/SG: Keynote Presentation: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies - Flash in the Pan or Family Heirlooms for the Future? 

Patrick Tan, CEO & General Counsel, Novum Alpha

In this session, Patrick will share how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies feature in the asset allocation process for the preservation and growth of family wealth, how the nascent asset class should be approached, the idiosyncrasies of managing cryptocurrencies and understanding their limitations in terms of portfolio value. 

22:30 HK/SG: Roundtable Discussion: Opening up the DLT and Cryptoasset Growth Story

Peter Habermacher, CEO, Co-Founder, Aaro Capital

Distributed Ledger Technology and Cryptoassets are at the heart of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Aaro will explore the Current Opportunities in the DLT and Crypto Space and the Strong Advantages of a Diversified Multi-Manager Strategy to Capitalise on these Opportunities

00:00 HK/SG: Keynote Presentation: State of the Union on Aerial Mobility

Cyrus Sigari, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, UP.Partners

In this presentation, Cyrus will showcase the rapid pace of eVTOL and autonomous vehicle evolution; how technology regulatory, investment, and geopolitical forces are aligning behind aerial mobility; and what companies are leading the charge for transporting goods and people into a three dimensional future.

01:00 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: Real Estate - Disrupting the Status Quo


Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO, Alea Global Group


Sandro Salsano, Chairman, Salsano Family Office

Ali Hamad AlSagri, Managing Director, Hamad AlSagri Holding Co

Mark Anderson, Founder & President, MGAC


- Real estate of tomorrow: What does the future hold for commercial investment?

- Re-purposing of Real Estate within the portfolio

- Real Estate: Safe haven in a turbulent world? Or, just an illiquid asset in a world searching for value and yield?

- Can ESG be a value creator for Real Estate in 2021?

01:40 HK/SG: Keynote Presentation: Realizing the Client's Vision

Mark Anderson, Founder & President, MGAC

Mimi Toner, Vice President, MGAC

High-net-worth clients have little patience for investments and personal projects not meeting their vision and expectations. These business leaders trust MGAC to realize their capital project requirements. As owners’ representatives, MGAC delivers real estate investments for these clients, and is frequently chosen to execute personal projects with the same rigor.

DAY TWO: Friday 26th March

15:00 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: Southeast Asia - The Next Fast-Growing VC Market?


Arshad Chowdhury, Managing Partner, Betatron


Aradhna Dayal, Founder & CEO, Access Alts Asia

Meng-Han Kuok, Founder & CEO, CAMTECH


- What’s driving innovation and growth in Southeast Asia markets?

- Which markets and sectors should be considered by Family Office investors?

- What are the current VC investment trends in Southeast Asia?

- A look at the risks and challenges moving forward

15:40 HK/SG: Keynote presentation: Enabling VC 3.0: Enabling High Quality Dealflows for Family Offices

John Sharp, Partner, Hatcher+

Discover insights from founding partner, John Sharp behind Hatcher+ data-driven approach to venture investing that delivers robust, predictable returns, access to high quality global dealflows and co-investment opportunities for family offices.

16:30 HK/SG: Roundtable Discussion: Singapore: A Global Real Estate Haven

Marcus Loo, CEO, Singapore, Savills

Jacqueline Wong, Executive Director, Savills

Savills Private Office proudly introduces Singapore as the destination for International Family Offices to headquarter in Asia. The highly acclaimed Garden City state is renowned for its diversity in people and assets alike. Real estate, infrastructure, security and governance are one of many luring factors to setup shop in Singapore.

19:00 HK/SG: Roundtable Discussion: Investing in a Unique Healthcare and Bio-Convergence Venture Capital

Assaf Barnea, CEO, Sanara Ventures

Uri Adoni, General Partner, Sanara Capital

Sanara Capital is a $100M Digital Health & Bio-Convergence venture fund focusing on Series A+B opportunities in Israeli related companies and the follow-on fund of Sanara Ventures. Sanara Capital enjoys preemptive rights in all Sanara Ventures' portfolio companies. Independent and non-biased investment decisions by the GP’s, cherry picking only the best opportunities from Sanara Ventures' portfolio and external companies. Sanara Capital portfolio companies enjoys Sanara Ventures’ existing relationships with global network of physicians, KOL’s, hospitals and payers. Access to capital from a global network of life science VC’s and CVC’s. Philips & Teva continuing commitment for the portfolio companies. Building on Sanara Ventures brand. Philips has committed to be the anchor investor of Sanara Capital.

21:00 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: Healthcare Investments - New Opportunities, New Challenges


Assaf Barnea, CEO, Sanara Ventures


Talal Alajou - Chief Investment Officer, Elajou Group

Dr. Ruchi Dana, Partner, Dana Family Office

Dr. Shawn Iadonato, PhD, CEO, Kineta


- Which subsets and markets hold the most promise for investment?

- A look at the major themes driving healthcare investment

- How changes in the sector are affecting the broader investment landscape

- What new opportunities are opening up for Family Office investors?

21:40 HK/SG: Keynote Presentation: Cancer Innovation and Impact Investing

Dr. Shawn Iadonato, PhD, CEO, Kineta

Cancer is a major public health problem worldwide and is the second leading cause of death in the US. Over 20M people in the US are living with cancer today. There is an urgent medical need for innovative new drug treatments to improve cancer survival rates and Kineta is working to solve this problem.

23:00 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: Cannabis - Is the Grass Greener for Investors?


Geoff Trotter, Co-Founder/Chief Growth Officer, Regennabis


Rob Sechrist, President, Pelorus Equity Group

Matt Hawkins, Founder & Managing Principal, Entourage Effect Capital (EEC)


- What’s driving the growth of the legal cannabis sector?

- Why are asset valuations currently so attractive given the growth potential?

- Why is the timing good now for family offices to invest?

- What’s the legality of investing in the cannabis sector?

23:40 HK/SG: Keynote Presentation: Investing in the United States Cannabis Market. What Has Changed Since 2014 Until Now, And What Does the Future Look Like?

Matt Hawkins, Founder & Managing Principal, Entourage Effect Capital (EEC)

Cancer is a major public health problem worldwide and is the second leading cause of death in the US. Over 20M people in the US are living with cancer today. There is an urgent medical need for innovative new drug treatments to improve cancer survival rates and Kineta is working to solve this problem.

00:30 HK/SG: Panel Discussion: Tech Mega Trends


Brian DeFee, Director of Corporate Development, Top Tier Capital Partners


Alisee De Tonnac, Co-Founder & Partner, Seedstars Group

Caroline Walerud, Partner, Walerud Ventures

Ndiawar Sar, Director, Forestay Capital SA

David York, Managing Director, Top Tier Capital Partners


- What are the tech trends that will change the world?

- Accessing the right private market deals. How to overcome the challenges?

- When does it makes sense to be a contrarian investor in technology?

- Fund or Direct Investments as a Family Office?

01:10 HK/SG: Keynote Presentation: State of the Global Venture Capital Markets in 2021

David York, Managing Director, Top Tier Capital Partners

David York will be speaking about the state of the global venture capital market, which has seen considerable tailwinds as of late. Mr. York will discuss VC performance relative to other markets, money flows into the asset class, as well as provide some insights regarding increased valuations and the rise of SPACs in the United States.