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Cedric Lombard

Founder & Executive Director, Impact Finance

Cédric is a Swiss entrepreneur and pioneer in impact investing. He stated working in 1999 as consultant for the UNCTAD’s Virtual Market for Microfinance which was later taken over by the World Bank and renamed Mix Market and has been a catalytic tool to bring transparency to the microfinance field. In 2001, Cedric co-founded BlueOrchard Finance S.A., the first investment management company specializing in microfinance. Under his management until the end of 2014, the portfolio grew from USD 8m to 80m. BlueOrchard has been purchased by Schroeder in 2020 and manages over USD 3.5 Billion. In 2005 Cedric co-founded Symbiotics S.A., a microfinance investment bank, where he was mainly responsible for the investments and built up an outstanding portfolio of USD 450m. Symbiotics manages today USD 3 Billion. In 2008 he was a co-founder of Sustainable Finance Geneva SFG with the goal of gathering a pool of actors in sustainable finance in Geneva to promote responsible investment strategies. He acted as its Co-Vice Chairman until May 2011.

In 2010, Cédric co-founded Impact Finance Management S.A. to expand impact investing scope of investment beyond microfinance. Cédric is a member of the Board of Managers since the creation of the General Partner in 2011. He is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Managers and the Vice-Chairman of the Risk & Valuation Committee.

Cédric holds a Master's in International Relations from the Graduate Institute for International Relations in Geneva.

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