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Daniella Kranjac

Founding GP, Dynamk Consulting

Daniella Kranjac is a Founding General Partner at Dynamk Capital, a venture fund focused on life science industrials. Daniella led Dynamk Capital’s investments in CellFE Biotech, Envisagenics, FloDesign Sonics (acquired by Millipore Sigma), RoosterBio, Virica Biotech, Xcell Biosciences, and others. Prior to founding Dynamk Capital, she was CEO and Founder of Dynamk Consulting, providing capital, strategy and business development consulting to leading life science companies and startups. Before that she was an entrepreneur and co-founded Wave Biotech LLC driving the start-up, growth and commercialization of a highly disruptive technology. As Vice President of the organization, Daniella established a high growth company with significant brand recognition, and led the group to a successful exit and acquisition by GE Healthcare in 2007 (now Danaher/Cytiva). At GE Healthcare, Daniella held a variety of strategic, M&A and business development roles, where she led the integration of the Xcellerex business commercializing a several hundred million dollar enterprise solutions business in developed and emerging markets. She holds a B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an Executive MBA from New York University Stern School of Business.

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