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Duco Sickinghe

Managing Partner, Fortino Capital

Duco Sickinghe founded Fortino Capital in December 2013 and has overseen Fortino’s growth to a recognized technology VC firm with offices in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Munich. Fortino Capital is focused on B2B Cloud software and managed IT services. Duco is an expert in assessing management teams, leadership best practices and evaluating business strategies. Next to leading the firm, he heads up the PE Growth investment division. Before founding Fortino Capital, Duco had a successful career, mainly in the TMT industry, as former CEO of Telenet, INED of CME and Chairman at KPN. Early in his career Duco was exposed to technology and innovation when working with Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer. He places great importance on leadership and culture and frequently speaks about both topics as a key driver for results. Duco is Chairman of the Board of Van Eeghen (functional Ingredients). Other positions Duco held are General Manager at Wolters Kluwer, Founder of Software Direct, Product & Channel Manager at HP and Vice President Marketing & General Management at NeXT Computer. Duco holds a degree in Civil and Commercial Law and obtained an MBA from Columbia Business School, NY, USA.

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