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Eric Sarasin

Chairman of the Board, The Singularity Group, Member of the Board, 1875 Finance

Eric G. Sarasin was born into a successful entrepreneurial family, has the corresponding "DNA" and, after his banking career, accompanies young entrepreneurs, family offices and invests in companies with a focus on digitalisation and new technologies. Eric is an active investor, philanthropist and has a portfolio of board memberships. He has a successful career in international banking with J.P. Morgan, Pictet & Cie, Citibank NA and Bank Sarasin & Cie Ltd, since 2012 Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd. At Bank Sarasin, he held various management positions in numerous business areas and developed the formerly family-owned bank into one of the leading private banks in Switzerland, culminating in his role as Head of Private Banking and Deputy CEO of the Group. Eric is a member of the Board of Directors of several private companies and investment firms. He is a member of the Board of 1875 Finance, and Chair of TIGER21 Switzerland, an organisation that promotes exchange among high-net-worth individuals, particularly entrepreneurs. During his career, Eric has held many public, non-private and cultural leadership roles, including 12 years as President of the German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, and he is President of the Cancer League of Basel, the Basel Animal Hospital Foundation, the Gertrude von Meissner Foundation, the Paul Jenni Foundation, the MyHandicap Foundation, as well as holding leadership positions and being a member of NGOs such as Human Rights Watch. He is also co-founder of the largest crypto conference in Switzerland, the "Crypto Finance Conference". Eric is married with four adult children and lives in Basel, Switzerland. He has a wide range of interests in the film business, is a passionate (former) footballer, does yoga and plays golf.

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