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Frédéric de Mévius

Executive Chairman & Managing Partner, Planet First Partners

Frédéric’s investment experience includes a decade in investment banking and 13 years on the board of Interbrew, now AB Inbev. In 1995, he founded Verlinvest, an evergreen consumer-focussed investment company with exceptional successes such as Oatly, Chewy and Valtech. He stepped down in 2019 and after investing in General Fusion, and, in 2020, in Polymateria, a company with the world’s first proven technology for producing fully biodegradable plastics, he founded Planet First Partners, an evergreen investment platform that invests growth capital in companies aligned with the sustainability goals of the EU; the fund raised €450M in commitments. Planet First Partners has made several investments so far: Sunfire, a producer of electrolysers for green hydrogen, Submer, a provider of a liquid cooling technology for data centres, Nanogence, a provider of a cement additive that reduces the need for cement in concrete by 50% and Finn, a car subscription business aiming to develop the ownership of EVs. In 2014, he launched a new cold climate Chardonnay wine under the name of La Falize. He is a strong supporter of several educational projects, including Out of the Box (addressing school dropouts) Greater Share and Teach For All.

Climate Change, Business Risks and Investment Opportunities

4th June | 10:10 - 10:30

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