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Guy Vande Vyvere

Managing Partner, Vybros NV (SFO)

Guy Vande Vyvere is a Belgian fourth-generation entrepreneur and Managing Partner of Vybros NV, a dynamic single-family office based in Wortegem, Belgium. As a co-founder he has been actively involved with Vybros since 2016, where he has mainly been investing in private equity, specific PE funds and industrial real-estate. The company's private equity branch, Vybros Invest, is at the core of the investment focus and is specialized in taking traditional SMEs to the next level through professionalization, technology upgrade, restructuring, buy and build strategies, and other strategic initiatives. As an evergreen fund, Vybros Invest takes a right-term approach to added value for the portfolio companies, bringing fellowship, network, and growth capital to the table. In addition to his role at Vybros, Guy also currently serves as the Chairman of PDC Brush NV and Moerman NV. Prior to joining Vybros, Guy has gathered operational experience in various roles such as R&D Manager and Director at PDC Brush NV and Moerman NV, Technical Manager at Moerman NV, Account Manager at Nashuatec-Ricoh, and Junior Sales Executive at Nashuatec. Guy is well-educated, holding an MBA in Finance & International Business from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA and a degree in Industrial Engineering, Environmental Technology from U-GENT, Kortrijk. He is fluent in Dutch, French and English, and has limited knowledge of German. In addition to this basic academic background, Guy believes in life-long learning and is a long-term member of the recurrent iGMO entrepreneurship program at Vlerick Business school and has attended the Private Equity Masterclass at London Business School. Guy has had the opportunity to live, study and work as an intern in different geographies such as the US, China and Africa. This has made him aware of different cultural aspects of doing business and significantly facilitates an international view on business development. As a creative and dynamic individual with a strong sense of responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit, Guy is passionate about people, strategy, and dealmaking. He also enjoys spending time with his family, sports, classic cars, travel, remote nature and making the best of any given situation.

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