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Henrietta Gourlay

Investment Director, Grosvenor Family Office

Henri is the Investment Director of the Financial Investment Portfolio at the Grosvenor Family office, having taken over leadership of the portfolio from Ian Prideaux in 2022. Henri started her career in the City at Mercury Asset Management in the late 1990s and joined the newly formed European high yield bond team in 2000 as a credit analyst. In 2003 she left MLIM and joined WAMCO as a high yield analyst/Portfolio Manager in London, and was posted to Asia to start investing in Asian high yield in early 2007. She returned to the UK in 2012 having had two of her children out in Singapore and left the City to focus on her family, but in 2017 was selected for a Women Returner’s scheme by Mizuho which enabled her to re-focus her career back in investment.

Investment Strategies for the Modern Family Office: Adapting to Global Economic and Political Shifts

3rd June | 10:30 - 11:10

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