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Hershel Mehta

Principal, Mehta Ventures Family Office

Hershel Mehta is a Venture Capitalist in charge of U.S. investments through his Family Office's proprietary fund called Mehta Ventures. He is also a co-founder and GP at 2am VC an early stage "India Only" VC Fund. Mehta Ventures has directly invested in over 100 early stage startups and has generated a 110% IRR and has returned 7x cash to the family. The Mehta Family has seeded four unicorns as the 1st or 2nd check into the startup. Mehta Ventures is also a passive LP in global Hedge Funds, PE Funds, Real Estate Funds, and Crypto Funds. He is a CPA certified, though not practicing, by the CA State Board of Accountancy. He has gone through the entrepreneurship journey himself, having published a mobile application in the Apple App Store in 2015. He finished his Venture Investing Education through the Executive Education Program at the Wharton School of Business. Hershel has led over 50 deals for his family over the past 3 years. One of which is an all electric airline startup located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hershel identifies global startups that could have scaling potential in India and works on the cross border business investments. His current area of focus include - all things India, AI, Robotics, Food Tech, Payments & FinTech, Consumer Brands/ Marketplaces, and B2B Software Services.

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