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World Family Office Forum | Europe

Isabelle Freidheim

Founder & Managing Partner, Athena Capital

Isabelle Freidheim is one of the youngest chairwomen of a publicly traded company in the U.S. She is also the founder and managing partner of Athena Capital, overseeing the company's strategic direction and leading its efforts in identifying and investing in technology companies. Freidheim is an entrepreneur and investor with more than 15 years of experience in venture capital, private equity, SPACs and IPOs. She founded Athena in 2020 and has built teams to include board members of Fortune 100 companies and CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, company founders and investors. Freidheim is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations and an alumna of Fortune's Most Powerful Women.

Venture Capital: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Growth

3rd June | 14:00 - 14:40

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