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Manuel Campos Guallar

Chairman & Owner, Mabel Capital

Manuel Campos Guallar is Chairman and Owner of Mabel Capital. Manuel has been developing high end real estate residential projects for Mabel Capital for over 10 years. He´s widely regarded as the leading developer of luxury residential real estate in Spain. Through one of his companies, Mabel Hospitality, he has also developed in the past 10 years Hospitality projects in Spain, USA, Mexico and Middle East; he also co-owns a media production company creating shows for Netflix and producing one of Europe´s largest music festivals, Mad Cool (+300,000 attendants). Prior to launching his own private investment company, he worked in investment banking and private banking for 7 years in London and Madrid. Manuel holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Law and Finance degrees from IEB University (Madrid).

High-End Luxury: Insights from Mabel Capital on Real Estate, Hotels, and Hospitality

4th June | 11:00 - 11:40

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