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Philip Falzon Sant Manduca

CEO, Titanium Capital Investments Ltd (SFO)

Philip Falzon Sant Manduca, a UK citizen, is a highly experienced private equity and venture capital investor within one of the largest single family offices in the UK, with extensive seed capital small and micro capital business investment and corporate board level management experience. Philip has over 25 years of investor and business executive experience with a proven track record of successfully building and managing profitable investments and managing money. He founded and was the Managing Partner of Titanium Capital in 2001, a successful private equity and venture capital family office investment business based in London which initially focused on traditional investment funds, on behalf of Family Offices and HNW clients, with a particular focus on public and private markets including investments in emerging markets. He established the corporate investment strategy, and managed a $300m SME fund and a $650m venture capital fund. Assets reached more than $1bn by 2007. The business was successfully sold in two parts to two investment banks in mid-2007. Philip established a new Titanium Capital Investments Ltd in 2012, based in the UK, Africa and Asia, on behalf of a large private family, to invest in the global real estate, healthcare, energy, commodity and consumer sectors.
Philip invested in novel medical devices and drug treatment therapies in neuro oncology including convection enhanced delivery of drugs and focused ultrasound to allow drugs access directly to the brain to treat brain borne disease in children and Parkinson’s disease in adults. Investments in the sector expanded vertically into the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices in the UK, EU and China for testing and self -testing for contamination from viruses and other diseases. Prior to 2001, Philip was Head of International Asset Management of Dexia Asset Management, with responsibility to build an international (non-US) asset management business. He constructed the distribution network, in Europe, Japan, NJA and the Middle East. Previously he was the Chief Investment Officer and Partner at Eldon Capital / Sant Cassia Investments. He managed the investment management process and corporate expansion, including in emerging markets. Philip spent the early part of his career at the world’s leading investment banks (Daiwa Securities, Kidder Peabody and Merrill Lynch in senior roles in the financial markets.
Philip appeared regularly in the media (CNBC, Bloomberg TV and CNN) and at major investment conferences in the UK, EU and USA.

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