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Robert Epstone

Co-Founder, Sole Family Bali Foundation

Robert Epstone established Yayasan Solemen Indonesia in 2011 which gained a reputation as one of Bali’s most respected and reputable non-profit organisations. To date they have supported over 900 families with a physically or mentally disabled or sick member. In March 2023 'Solemen' rebranded to the SoleFamily Bali Foundation with Sarah Chapman as co-founder, a new legal framework and a passionate, dynamic new board. Their dedicated team provides healthcare, support, advice, and compassion whilst making a lasting impact on the lives of those it serves in Bali. Before dedicating himself to philanthropy, Epstone had a diverse career beginning with his education at Clifton College, Bristol (1962-66), followed by earning a BA in Textile Management from Leeds University (1969). His early career included extensive travel in the USA and a swift rise through various roles in production, sales, and marketing, eventually becoming the Joint Managing Director of the Hepton Group of Companies (1971-78). He played a pivotal role in expanding the British clothing export markets as a member of the British Clothing Export Council and was recognized by Woolmark as ‘Designer of the Year’ in 1976. Epstone also ventured into fashion brand licensing, establishing a successful menswear brand in Japan and working extensively in Shanghai to develop high-quality clothing for major brands like Marks & Spencer. His commitment extended beyond fashion; in the early 1990s, he managed a rock band and spearheaded relief efforts in war-torn Kosovo. After decades of influence in fashion and music, Epstone moved to Bali to focus on improving lives through his foundation, embodying his lifelong dedication to impactful endeavors.

SoleFamily: Giving Hope, Relieving Suffering and Making a Positive Impact in Bali

3rd June | 17:40 - 18:00

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