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Rodolfo De Benedetti

Partner, Decalia SA, Chairman, CIR Group

Rodolfo De Benedetti (Turin, 1961) has been Chairman of CIR since his appointment in April 2013. The CIR group, of which he is a controlling shareholder together with his brothers Marco and Edoardo, operates in healthcare (KOS) and auto components (Sogefi). Within the group he is also a member of the Board of Directors of Sogefi. Previously he was Chief Executive Officer of CIR from 1993 and of COFIDE from 1995. He joined COFIDE in 1988 as Director of International Affairs and was subsequently appointed General Manager. In 1990 he also became General Manager of CIR. Before his appointments in CIR and COFIDE, he wormed from September 1985 to December 1986 for Lombard Odier, one of the main private banking groups in Switzerland based in Geneva, as Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. From January 1987 to January 1988 he was with Shearson Lehman Brothers (New York) as an Associate in its Merchant Banking Group. He is a shareholder and director of Decalia S.A., an international asset management company established in 2014. He is a board member of Aon Italia, a rislc management, insurance and re-insurance brokerage, of October, a non-banlcing financing platform for small and medium-sized businesses, and of the asset manager Planven Investments S.A. He is also a member of the European Round Table for Industry (ERT), a forum made up of more than 50 of the most important European companies from various sectors, and is Chairman of the European Advisory Board of Harvard Business School. He graduated from Geneva in 1982 in Political Economics and in 1985 in Law. He is married to Emmanuelle de Villepin and is father to Neige, Alix and Mita.

Investment Strategies for the Modern Family Office: Adapting to Global Economic and Political Shifts

3rd June | 10:20 - 11:00

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