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Toby Ruckert

Director, InnovaRich Inc.

With his wife he co-founded the Baleno Foundation which is focusing on holistically integrated wellness platforms fostering physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. In Asia he co-founded and invested in multiple software and technology companies for which he also developed and co-authored the entire IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio, including 19 patent families around AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and Security. He has been in strategic advisory roles for multiple Fortune 500 CEO's, Heads of State and Private Families, and provides different points of view, especially in times of great turmoil, some of which he covers on his personal blog His latest projects are research focused and bring together the forefront of science today with the ancient history of technology in the past covering areas of medicine and rejuvenation (e.g. telomere research), utilities (e.g. water, power, electricity) and the preservation of nature (climate, ecology, food, etc.). As a well traveled Polymath and global citizen, he considers himself home in many countries and cultures, never ceases to learn and always strives for the ideal of realizing the "universal human" in himself, with the aim to inspire others to further open their minds.

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